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Liebherr EGN 9171 Monolith

Side-by-side Freezer with NoFrost

212.6 (H) / 45.0 (W) / 61.0 (D) cm


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With a nett capacity of 352 litres, the Liebherr EGN 9171 Monolith Freezer still has ample space and comes packed with refined German Engineering and design. This premium Freezer takes food freshness, longevity and storage to the highest level. This side-by-side freezer is made to accompany the Monolith fridge and wine cooler range.

The Monolith range is the culmination of Liebherr’s 60 years of refrigeration innovation and expertise. Either as a stand alone wine cooling cabinet or side by side to the Monolith Wine Cooler and freezer, you will not find a better option than this.

  • Energy efficiency class A+
  • Energy consumption kWh (year / 24h) 299 / 0.817
  • Noise output in dB(A) 39
  • Total net capacity of freezer in litres 322
  • Number of storage shelves, of which height-adjustable 4 / 3
  • Number of door racks 3


*Once your order is ready to be shipped, your Liebherr product will be delivered to your door and installed by Liebherr South Africa anywhere in South Africa free of charge.

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German Engineering, InfinityLight, InfinityProtection, InfinitySwipe, PowerCooling, SmartDevice, SoftSystem, SuperQuiet

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German Engineering

Our superior products offer premium quality, cutting edge design, and innovative features that best fit your lifestyle. The use of high quality materials, perfectly detailed finishes, and elite cooling components are combined with the latest production processes, resulting in an outstanding cooling product.


Monolith comes with a SmartDeviceBox which can be controlled via a smartphone or tablet, activating settings and features while on the go. SmartDevice can also help you become a better chef by using internal cameras to tell you what items you’ll need for a recipe, and voice recognition to order what you’re missing.


Noise levels are kept to a minimum thanks to virtually silent, speed-controlled, and sound absorbing compressors. Alongside a low noise cooling circuit, these features ensure exact performance, energy efficiency, and SuperQuiet operation.


Monolith’s seamlessly integrated LED side-wall lighting casts a beautiful and even glow that can be adjusted according to taste, including a soft brightening effect upon opening the doors, and a pleasing night dimming feature. InfinityLight doesn’t just add drama and flair, it also emits less heat, preserving food quality.


Simply quick freeze just-bought groceries to preserve optimum food freshness, while sealing in flavors and maintaining essential vitamins and minerals.

Freezer Door Bins

With their unique design, Monolith’s durable freezer door bins allows cold air to flow freely, keeping temperature constant while optimizing food preservation. The see-through door bins are also fully adjustable, easily accommodating small to medium-sized items so that inner freezer shelves are free to accommodate bulkier foods.


Monolith’s intuitive electronic touch-control panel features a full-color 2.4-inch touch & swipe screen that’s bright, clean, and wonderfully user-friendly. You’ll barely have to lift a finger to control every function.


Monolith’s automatic IceMaker produces 1.6 kg (3.5 pounds) of filtered ice in 24 hours. Activate the SuperFrost function for an even greater production capability. With a 1.8 kg (4-pound) storage capacity, you’ll never be without.


Liebherr has used a non-traditional defrosting system to prevent any ice and frost forming. This technology means that the freezer is always free of ice and that stored food never frosts over. So, there is no need to defrost anymore!


Doors close automatically and gently thanks to our SoftSystem technology, which eliminates slamming even when shelves are fully loaded. Depending on which size Monolith you choose, the door hinges are rated for up to 40 kg (79 pounds).